Following the 51st annual National Folk Festival, ABC radio Canberra interviewed mobile juice bar Passion 4 Juice about the experience. Trish has been running the healthy catering company for sixteen years and has been attending the National Folk Festival for ten years. There were many highlights this year including the stunning autumn sunshine, special offers for volunteers and performers, as well as a special experience with the Rachel Hore's Pop Up Choir. Trish shared her favorite festival moment was serving the entire choir a fresh juice after they sang several songs directly outside the juice bar. “there is so much fantastic music on offer, but having the choir sing for their juice was really fun”. A clip of this can be found on the Passion 4 Juice Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Passion4Juice/

From high-end entertainment to the expression of folk-life through grassroots and community activities our multifaceted National Folk Festival is the ultimate celebration of all things folk. There is a wide variety of festival caterers offering food from around the globe. Healthy caterers and those catering for special diets such as raw, vegan were very popular this year. The folk program is designed to inspire, enliven and entertain. From traditional and contemporary grooves to the quirky and the endearing it features all the key elements that make people want to come from everywhere to be part of it.

The ABC Canberra drive time interview featured Passion 4 Juice and the Cannoli Brothers. Both caterers offering high quality catering at this year’s Folk Festival. Pictured is Trish from Passion 4 Juice with Andrew Stefanou from Cannoli Brothers. Mobile catering is a competitive and challenging business to be in. High rents and stock costs can make profit margins tight. “Offering a competitive product that also reflects your passion is key to success” says Trish.