Passion 4 Juice are delighted to announce support for the Rainbow Serpent Festival. It is a hot, dusty, dance event where staying hydrated is key to raving safe.

Fresh pressed juices and smoothies to keep you hydrated and dancing longer. Delicious, thirst quenching, lifesaving nutrients and energy in a cup. Passion 4 Juice have been keeping people healthy at festivals in the UK and Australia since 1998. Look for the iconic spikes! The team of nutritionally trained experts will have you feeling energised and restored. Our aim is the keep you dancing. We are open 24 hours when you need us most. Voted as serving the best smoothies, pure guarana energy shots, gut healing kombucha, and the best hangover cure ever. Discounts for reusable cups. Our pulp feeds the land - our juices make your soul shine!

We aim to ease tiredness, bring back energy, promoting a healthy diet whilst having fun at an event. Run by fully trained staff who promote the ethos of juicing and its benefits and offering guidance when needed. Bringing advice, care, attention, entertainment, great value and apparently, we are "lifesavers" at each event we attend.

Check out all the amazing food on offer at Rainbow Serpent Festival this year.