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When you get sugar cravings don’t just reach for cake, sweets or biscuits- you are not only perpetuating your craving for sugar but also making unhealthy choices!

The sugar in these treats (a simple carbohydrate) is quickly converted to glucose in your bloodstream. Blood sugar levels rise when simple carbs are eaten alone - for example, when you grab a mid-afternoon chocolate bar.

Our ‘sugar high’ happens because simple carbs are absorbed quickly and so we get a temporary ‘hit’ that wears off leaving our cravings even stronger, and the cycle beings again!

Low-sugar fruit and vegetable juices provide nutrition and prevent blood sugar levels from becoming too high. A scale called the glycaemic index rates foods based on their effect on blood sugar. A food that increases blood sugar quickly has a high score on the index, a food that slowly increases blood sugar has a low score. A glycaemic score below 55 is considered low.

140721aHow freshly pressed juice can help manage your sugar cravings?

Of course simple carbs are also found in fruit and vegetables - the ingredients of Juices and Smoothies- but the great news is that the fibre and protein in fruit and vegetables slow down the absorption of natural sugars as well as providing wholesome nutrients.  This means that sugar ‘highs’ are avoided and the glucose in the blood stream remains stable - avoiding those craving feelings.

Low-sugar juices that provide nutrition and prevent blood sugar levels from becoming too high are an excellent way to help manage your sugar craving.

Tips to manage sugar cravings:

  • - Use vegetables that grow above ground - they contain less natural sugar
  • - Incorporate root vegetables (carrots, beetroot etc.) in smaller amounts
  • - Use fruits that are low on the Glycaemic index  - Grapefruit, Cherries, Pears and Apples
  • - Add herbs and spices -Cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, oregano, and ginger are helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and add great flavour - although you may want to restrict the garlic to the vegetable only juices!

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