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We have supported the development of musicians and artists in developing nations and donated money to help this cause. Our nominated charity this year helps support indigenous Australians with art, circus and music projects.

Passion 4 Juice buy in bulk in order to reduce packaging. We have requested our suppliers also look at ways they can reduce double packaging of the items we buy. We have established a buying group for our staff and our customers so they can also access organic, bulk, fair trade products. Our catering disposables are compostable. Our straws may go soggy and you can’t chew them but at least they won’t pollute the farm and harm the cows. Our packaging may cost more but at least it is not harming the planet.

We encourage customers not to use a straw and a lid in order to reduce waste and packaging – okay we understand that it is handy for a child to have a straw and a lid but really as adults I think we should be able to drink a juice without a straw and a lid. This reduces unnecessary packaging. I get so annoyed that the big fast food giants have made us all believe we need a straw and a lid with every cup. Just drink it!  Our napkins are made from recycled paper. We reward reuse with our staff and customers. We encourage the reuse of cups or bring your own cups for a 30% upsize. We reuse containers and food packaging for our kids’ art and craft work. We very rarely throw any bucket or tin away as they get reused within the business somewhere.

Our products are organic, fair trade, locally sourced. We use British organic milk and plant based milks. A lot of our fruit and veg are British seasonal. 99% of our menu is vegetarian, 80% vegan and the only fish we stock is not red listed – it is certified safe sustainable tuna. We support the festivals preferred suppliers therefore cutting down on deliveries and packaging. We also remove any possible packaging before we get to the site to minimise waste management. We support local independent retailers and farmers over British Supermarkets and shop at local independent shops wherever possible.  

We support businesses that run on solar energy and have a 100% GMO free guarantee. We encourage our staff to carpool or ride to the festival. We educate our staff and our customers to leave no trace. We have been appalled at the waste left behind. So many tents, sleeping bags, cool boxes – it is a repulsive side of festivals. We have collaborated with the Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh Award so if customers are too tired to carry their tent home they can leave it with us and we make sure it goes to a good home in developing countries where kids aren’t fortunate enough to have a tent to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our menu is more raw vegan than ever before and we have taken animal products off the menu if they are not sustainable or ethically traded. We have sampled many new organic raw vegan products for the menu and converted to using only organic whole grains for our cakes and slices. Sugary, bottled or canned drinks are banned at Passion 4 Juice and we are reducing our bottled water by 80% encouraging customers to refill water bottles at the refill stations. We have a no waste policy for staff. Excess juice never gets thrown in the bin or down the sink – it gets given to the customer. Any leftover food at the end of the festival is given to Foodshare to support local charities and the homeless.

We have invested a great deal of money in Enjo cleaning products so we are no longer using chemicals and detergents. Enjo is able to deep clean surfaces and equipment using NO chemicals, so it is a mechanical clean rather than a chemical clean. The Enjo clothes last for 2 years and clean 6 times better than chemical products. This means the farm and the waterways surrounded the farm will not be polluted and the staff won’t be exposed to nasty cleaning chemicals. It also means less packaging, less waste and less resources required. It is also quicker and safer for staff. The paper we use on our office is recycled and so are our printer cartridges. We compost the majority of our kitchen waste turning lunch into lawns. If it is not compostable it is recycled or reused. We have invested in a Thermomix which replaces 12 appliances and runs more efficiently on less power. We have invested in more solar panels for the business, office and vehicle so more of our appliances are now running off solar. Our lighting has been converted to low output LED.

Living our philosophy, loving the farm and loving our earth is what we are about. We respect our bodies and we respect the farm. This philosophy is incorporated into our training and our staff are totally on-board with this ethos.