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The following blog was written by one of our team.

The Easter long weekend in 2013 marked my third year with Passion 4 Juice, something that should be congratulated. My first Australian festival was the National Folk Festival in Canberra – I was a little apprehensive and nervous to be working for such a profound wholesome business, by the end of the festival I was addicted.

An addiction to something good is a joyful experience. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with fresh, interesting and knowledgeable people from across the globe. You never know who will walk into your life or why they are there, but the universe works in mysterious ways. I have made long lasting connections that I am very grateful to have.

A typical day in the spiky juice dome involves numerous hours tending to the pumped up festival goers providing them with the opportunity to experience our wonderful taste sensations like the ‘Passion Potion‘ – my favourite! At every festival we as a team work together to bring fresh, nutritious and wholesome juices and smoothies to pumped up festival goers.

In 2012 I embarked on the journey across to the UK to begin the juicing season. Womad was the first festival that I attended – when we arrived I was blown away by the beauty of it all – the sights and sounds of a UK summer. I pumped out juices and smoothies on ‘Juicy Lucy’ – a green trailer decked out with the juice monster inflated on top. By the end of the festival I was shattered. I juiced it up for almost seventy hours over the course of the weekend – when we had finished packing down I noticed that my blue apron was plastered white with pancake mix – despite all this I had a blast!

Festivals are often referred to as marathons which is very applicable – I treat myself well before, during and after to make sure that I can withstand any unforeseen issues directed our way.

In the past and to this day, I am presented with obstacles surrounding wellbeing, that must be overcome, through means of strengthening and solidifying my true values and beliefs. Such obstacles have exerted my motivation and determination to provide people with and educate them about healthy and nutritious foods. Working with Passion 4 Juice provides the platform for me to do this.

Being part of Passion 4 Juice allows me to explore the world through fresh eyes, nurture my body with nutritious living enzymes and awaken my soul to clarity and peace. I love being part of a team that supports each other and works constructively and efficiently.

I feel as though I am on the right path at this point in my life which is complete bliss.

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