Top Ten Reasons to Juice:

  1. Provides your body liquids vital to remain healthy.
  2. Fresh pressed juice contains specific vitamins and minerals that are natural and easy to absorb.
  3. Fresh pressed juices contain phytochemicals – a substance linked to good health and is only found in plants, fruits and vegetables.
  4. A good source of non-meat protein especially smoothies with brewers yeast, wheat germ or whole grains and supplements.
  5. The body quickly absorbs juice.
  6. Juice requires less digestive work so saves your body energy and helps maintain your supply of digestive enzymes.
  7. Fresh pressed juice contains healthy sugars that are simple and unrefined.
  8. Fresh pressed juice is a complete package – natural sugars, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins.
  9. Prevents disease.
  10. Fresh pressed juice contains enzymes, vital for health and well-being. Enzymes help us breakdown food and spark the essential chemical reactions we need to live including food digestion, stimulating the brain, cellular energy and tissue repair. Enzymes are only found in RAW food.