WOW there is so much excitement in the air right now I simply have to gather my thoughts and share some with you. It is only the 3rd January and already I feel this year is going to be amazing. After experiencing one of the biggest financial set backs of my career in 2013 with the mindless vandal burning our home on the road, I never imagined that within a few months life could be so good. With the destruction of our beautiful home on the road I decided to reassess all aspects of my life and my career. With no stone left unturned I emerged with a plan. The most significant part of that plan was to create some space in my life and embrace the change the bus fire thrust upon us as a family.


As I have a look back over 2013 there is one thing I would definitely due differently. Taking the time to question and double check paperwork especially when it comes to insurance paperwork and fine print is not my strong point especially when juggling so much in my life. A costly $55,000 mistake that I wish I could undo. How good are you at paying attention to the small print when it comes to insurance companies or any other financial contract? What would you do differently in 2014 so to not repeat the mistakes of the past? This experience has also taught me what I really value. The feeling of vulnerability and the intense desire to protect my family was so strong after the fire. I am so grateful for my beautiful, healthy, gorgeous family. What are you grateful for as we embark on a new year full of promise and excitement?

On the 2nd day of 2014 I began a 6 day Juice Fast. That means only water, juice and herbal teas for 6 days. By day 2 I had the classic symptoms of detoxing: headache, tired, lethargic. It coincided with one of the hottest days on record. But half way through day 3 and I feel fantastic, excited and energised. What are you doing today, this week and this year to give you that feeling of excitement, energy and fire in your belly? Four months ago I decided to change my relationship with alcohol. The bus fire sparked me to do this as I felt this internal shaking. I was emotionally and physically broken and I felt I needed a good break. But a break from what – work, travelling, my passion, life on the road, my family, my life? Big questions. I decided, after reading Dr Libbby’s ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ that what I needed was a break from alcohol. Cellaring fine wine has been one of my passions so this was not going to be given up easily. But after 4 months of being alcohol free I have managed to change my relationship with alcohol. It feels great! What do you need to stop doing in 2014? What do you need to start doing to help you feel happier and healthier? Stopping alcohol and starting bootcamp three days a week and I am the most happy I think I have ever felt!

A summer at home with my mum, and not travelling around doing festivals in our lovely bus has created a lot of new space in my life. Already this is making way for some very exciting new things. In the last few days I have been asked to judge a food competition, been approached for a story in a leading vegan raw food magazine, asked to present to a wonderful Juice Group via facebook, and have had two requests to use my recipe book as incentives in competitions. This is so exciting for me and it is on the 3rd day of the year. It is amazing what happens when you create space in your life. Whether it is in your clothes cupboard, your office or the kids toy box, creating space is always exciting and can lead to new vibrant energy in your life. Where do you need to create space?

Finally I feel this space is creating way for an entirely new journey with Thermomix. This is the best kitchen appliance I have ever seen and it combines my passion for juice, smoothies, raw food and nutrition with my love for inspiring others to be healthy. That means I can make more raw bars, raw cakes, raw breads then ever before. But it is not just for raw food. It is great for kneading, milling, grinding, weighing, cooking, steaming and more. I think the Thermomix will take centre stage at Passion 4 Juice especially for the raw food juice retreats we have planned for 2014! Stay tuned.

The one key lesson for me from 2013 is that every cloud does have a silver lining. What has been your key lesson?

Happy New Year, may it be your best year ever!