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best bubble mix in the world ?

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Its the school holidays so why not be a little creative with your Thermomix® and the kids... 


bubble making kids huge bubbles


Best Bubble Liquid in the World passion 4 laughter bubble making ingredients

10 gr guar gum

4 gr baking soda

3 gr citric acid or ascorbic acid 250 ml fairy liquid

4 litres warm water

Mix powders on a plate

Put 1/2 litre water in TM bowl speed 2 and slowly add mixed powders stir for 2 mins passion 4 laughter bubble making ingredients with Joe

add another litre of water while stirring

Put into large bucket with remaining water and fairy liquid and stir


Enjoy experimenting! It will keep for weeks. It doesn't like heat or light. Keep in your garage with a lid on and kids can enjoy when they wish.

Leave for at least 2 days before using as it really helps with the lubrication

 massive bubbles by passion 4 juice kids