I have recently given up BOOZE and thought I would share with you some of my reasons. Perhaps you have some of these symptoms. Some symptoms are whispered to me when I first wake in the morning. Some are my body shouting at me!  Do you have similar symptoms?

Here is my list:

  1. It is toxic and makes me toxic.
  2. It makes me angry and resentful.
  3. It overloads my liver and can be the source of disease.
  4. I am fed up with feeling low, tired, ill and unproductive, and this is outweighing the positive things you get from alcohol.
  5. My energy and interest in other things is low and has been replaced with a preoccupation with alcohol. This is not all the time but it creeps back in.
  6. My drinking goals in the past have been too vague and to limit myself to one or two drinks once or twice a week – so that will be on a Friday or Saturday night. If I feel I cannot limit myself to this then I will have to be abstinent. I have found limiting use does not work so I have to quit.
  7. I will enjoy being fitter and more focussed on study and exercise if I don’t drink. I will have less hangovers so I will be a better mother and wife, not getting so irritated and angry and not being so toxic.
  8. My other symptoms have included blurred vision in the morning – especially when up close and writing.
  9. I experience morning headaches. it is dull and just in the background but still there – not enough to take any medication but still there.
  10. I have puffiness around the eyes – I know this is my liver trying to tell me something.
  11. I have sore bunions, redness and inflamed feet.
  12. I have a fungal nail infection in my big toe.
  13. I have sore breasts for several days before my period.
  14. I experience a sore stomach after some meals especially if I combine with wine.
  15. I have a slightly itchy mouth after some wine.
  16. I have some days when I feel unhappy, but not all the time.
  17. Carrying an extra 2 kg especially under the arms and around the arm pits. I have also have lumps under my armpits that feel like mild pimples or cysts but then go away.
  18. Tightness in shoulder, jaw and neck area.
  19. Slightly bloated tummy
  20. I feel really wiped out if I do any more than half an hour of running.
  21. Spending too much time and energy thinking about and not thinking about will or won’t I have a drink today.
  22. I have difficulty in focusing on one task at a time, especially when studying. I find my mind wanders and I have to re-read articles more than once to get the idea.
  23. Tight right hip when I sit too long.
  24. When I am hung-over I feel tired, negative, anxious, depressed, guilty, and slightly paranoid.

Now none of these symptoms are debilitating, they are just lurking in the background. But I know that every single one of them go away when I do a 4 month cleanse or protocol that eliminates anything that causes inflammation – these are all symptoms of inflammation. Alcohol is a significant cause of inflammation.

What are your symptoms?

What are your reasons? 

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