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Mother Nature's Diet 1-day Seminar'Enjoy the best of your health, best of your body, best of your life!'

This 1-day event is widely regarded as the foundation stone of the Mother Nature's Diet way of living. Many of our regular customers attend several times each year, just because the day is fun, fast and unlike any seminar you have been to before. Most people find the day to be inspirational, motivational and eye-opening, packed with common sense, laughter and practical learning. 

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3-day MND Intensive Workshop Described by previous attendees as a truly life-changing weekend, themed around you being 'ready, willing and able'. This event is 'the next step' into Mother Nature's Diet, offering you an immersive experience, a chance to network with like-minded people and learn everything you need to know to take control of your health and transform your own future.

This 3-day workshop offers you a truly immersive experience. Some previous attendees described it as "like being on a short health retreat" and others have described it as "the best weekend I have ever had" and "absolutely life changing". 

Over a full 3-day weekend (Friday to Sunday) you will make new friends, learn more than you expect, laugh hard, and maybe cry, face truths, see myths exploded, learn new ways to exercise (whatever your level of ability) and learn about truly nourishing foods - and even gain hands-on experience preparing those meals.

Making sense of health and wellbeing

We invite you to come and spend 3 days with Karl and other like-minded souls who enjoy the Mother Nature's Diet way of living, come and immerse yourself in our healthy world and together we can progress you further along your personal journey to your best health ever.

mother natures diet

Your weekend

We have 3 amazing days planned, packed full of education and motivation. Our 3 full days together will be fully supported, you will get drinks, refreshments and lunch every days, and also each day our own Personal Trainer will take us through a daily workout, designed to challenge you in new ways, whatever level of fitness you are, complete novice or seasoned fitness fan.

We all know what to do…but we don’t always do what we know

All too often, ensuring we have 'the education' is really only half the story. That is to say, we all know that we should be eating the right healthy whole foods, abstaining from too many bad habits like junk food and excess alcohol consumption, and we should be making time to exercise every day, but in so many cases, we are not doing it. So we know what to do, we just don't do what we know. For so many of us, motivation is the missing piece of the puzzle. 

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