Your wildest dreams for five star services have just come true.

How would you feel if you were staying in a five star resort in the beautiful rainforest in Barrington Tops Riverwood Downs but you were too hungover to leave your room?

Passion 4 Juice is offering the best service imaginable at a festival. The best possible hangover cure delivered direct to your tent door or resort room. 

Picture this – you have been dancing all night long, your feet are aching and so is your head.  Passion 4 Juice has the solution. 

We can deliver an iced cold immune boosting hangover cure with pineapple, ginger, apple, orange and a shot of the good stuff like guarana and ginseng.  You can chose from an extensive home delivery menu that also includes fresh hot waffles, ice cold smoothies, beautifully decorated smoothie bowls and healthy snacks. Our smiling staff will make sure you are completely sorted. We will keep you hydrated, energised and ready for more dancing.

The spikey juice dome is open 24 hours for your juicy pleasure.  The staff are experts in nutrition and will be there to offer healthy hangover cures for when you need it most.