Mobile Juice Bar keeps International DJ’s pumped at Rainbow Serpent Festival

The 20th celebration of the iconic rainbow Serpent Festival takes place this month in Country Victoria Australia. Rainbow Serpent Festival holds many experiences for each festival go-er. From the realms of self expression free from judgement of systematic norms, to the exploration of inner self and collective consciousness.  But it is the music that keeps people coming back and draws in crowds from all over the globe.  some of the best producers and DJs on the planet.  In previous years Passion 4 Juice – experts in mobile juicing and nutrition have been selected to provide  backstage sustenance and hydrating juices to some of the top DJ’s. Fruit platter’s, tasty kombucha and refreshing smoothie bowls are always on the menu.

The Rainbow Serpent Market Place, now know as the BAZAAR is close to one kilometre of stalls, it is one of the largest markets in Australia and it’s reputation for quality is equally as grande. Offering everything from locally handmade clothing and accessories, musical instruments, massage therapies and of course, delicious and healthy food and beverages from all corners of the world. Passion 4 Juice mobile juice bars have been part of this circuit for the last 15 years.  Serving juice and smoothies to festival go-ers in the UK and Australia.  Many people recognise the iconic brand from festivals in the UK

Food and Beverages from Thailand, Lebanon, Japan, Italy, India and Israel to name a few, and including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and organic dishes, gourmet deserts, chai tea and real, good coffee, and organic juice and smoothies. There is something to feed the hungriest soul and tickle the fussiest taste bud. We only select professional food vendors that take pride in their healthy and wholesome food, their environmental impact and their positive attitude. 

If you are coming to Rainbow this year be sure to download the 2 for 1 juice voucher from the website. Click here for the link.

For the menu check out our youtube page for a sneak peak of some of the menu.