Forster Yoga Studio Self-Care Workshop 12th March 9.30-11.30 am Forster Yoga Studio, Forster Towers. To Book and Pay go to the Forster Yoga Studio website

Are you tired of being tired, overweight and unwell? Are you struggling with what to eat and what to feed your family? Do you suffer IBS, bloating, inflammation or allergies?

Would you like to spend a morning focusing on your health, nutrition and energy?

Are you struggling with what to eat and how to make healthy food that tastes great?

Come to the workshop and leave with a practical action plan, a goodie bag, recipes and enough inspiration to motivate you for the remaining year to take good care of yourself and your health!

Trish Tucker-May is the Director of Passion 4 Juice, an international mobile juice and healing company operating in Australia and the UK. She has healed herself and her family through juicing and nutrition and is currently studying nutritional healing as well as working on publishing a book about self-care with the Hay House publishers. Trish has trained under the Nutritional Healing Foundation and has 35 years Juicing Therapy experience.  

Trish brings a lot of passion and joy as well as a vast knowledge about nutrition and health to the studio. This workshop will teach you simple and effective tricks on how you can add more nutritional value into your daily life. Trish is also a mother of 2 boys and knows all about being busy. She will be able to inspire those of us who blame poor nutrition on being busy!

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Members, you enjoy a discounted price on this workshop.

$30 for members
$40 general admission

Please book your spot via the ticket link. Thank you for sharing this event and helping us spread the goodness in Forster!

Trish Tucker-May

This workshop will help you think about how the food you eat is such an important factor underpinning many other areas of your life. We will look at how your food and lifestyle choices affect your energy levels, and how you can improve your diet.

I often get asked ‘what is my secret to staying slim, looking well and having so much energy?’  It is not a secret – it is the little things that I do every day that make a big difference to my health. We will talk about hydration V dehydration, practical meal preparation and eliminating foods that are making you sick.

This will be a hands on session where you will get to taste recipes and try equipment for yourself. You will walk away with personally designed goals to improve your health. No matter where you are on your health journey, this session will provide valuable insights and lessons.